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Meditation Masterclass 
Reset Your Life in 2022

Begins Tuesday, January 4th 2022,
7:00pm ET - 8 Weeks
Via Zoom

Scientific studies show that in just 8 weeks, a consistent meditation routine can change the way your brain is wired. Calming your mind, improving your sleep, and increasing your ability to think clearly.

In this fun 8-week experience, Calise Simone will guide you through a variety of relaxing meditations designed to increase your experience of peace, wellness and intuition. 

Are you ready to re-set your life in 2022?

Join via zoom or video replay.

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Manifestation Masterclass - L2
Prosperity & Abundance

Begins March 8th 2022, 7:00pm ET
Online Workshop Via Zoom

Unlock the keys to Manifesting Money in this 6 - Module, online group event guided by International Psychic Medium, Calise Simone. Through a series of live teachings and meditations, Calise will empower you with the techniques to experience a life of abundance.


Level 1 is encouraged but not required. 

The 6 - Modules consist of

* 3 weekly classes (3/8, 3/15, 3/22)

* 3 monthly group mentoring calls (dates TBA)

Live online course via zoom or attend via weekly video replay.


Manifestation Masterclass - L1
Manifest Your Dreams

Online Workshop

Manifest your Dreams in this group event, guided by International Psychic Medium Calise Simone. Through a series of live teachings, guided meditations and group coaching sessions, Calise will empower you with the techniques to unlock your manifesting power. Space is limited.

Live online class via zoom or attend via video replay.

Wellness Workshop

Take a holistic approach to your health, happiness and intuition.  In this online workshop Calise Simone will guide the group through a series of wellness teachings and meditations to boost your energy, relax your mind and heal your body.  Space is limited. 

Live online class via zoom with video replay option


Halloween Séance

Online Event

On the evening of Halloween, it is believed that the veil between the world of the living and the world of Spirit becomes very thin and Spirits are able to easily cross into the physical plane.


Join in this celebration of love and light from your very own home as Calise Simone uses her abilities as a Medium to connect to your loved ones on the other side.  Experience messages of joy, hope and upliftment.  


Seating is limited to a small group so that everyone in the circle can receive a message from the Spirit World.

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