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Reading for Real Housewife of Beverly Hills - Eden Sassoon

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and reading for former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Eden Sasson. I’d never met her before, nor watched the series. When I crossed paths with Eden in the greenroom of Calling Out with Susan Pinsky, my first impression of her was simply ‘the woman with the amazing hair’. Eden and I were given strict instructions by the producers not to speak before the show which led to a series or hilarious almost-conversations where we had to keep cutting each other off, ‘We’re not supposed to speak!!”. Shortly after we were ushered into the studio where we could finally relax. I was hardly surprised to discover that she is the daughter of Vidal Sasson and heiress to the Sasson Empire. Eden has a beautiful spirit and a love for pilates, positive thinking and healthy living. You can listen to the reading here.

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